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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cloud Computing : The Darker Side

1.            Cloud computing…the word has generated enough buzz already across the corporate…the techies…the possibilities in future but all this comes at a backend question on security. If there is one thing that stops 80% of possible users using this powerful technology,it is only one aspect of it and that’s SECURITY….The question that comes in an auto mode to any possible cloud service enthusiast like how safe will be my data stored with them…even if its private who controls the key generation algorithms code…who is the single point of contact and so many…but perhaps evry question on this comes under one umbrella by the name of SECURITY…..

2.            So …are they right in thinking so?…when a technology that’s coming up so strong and so globally accepted  is it possible that the giant rise comes without an inbuilt security module? Actually it goes like right they are…the users…their fears stand right when they think about their data ownership.Released by,  in Dec 2010,they have identified few imminent threats in the sphere of cloud computing which they have meticulously covered under few major heads as identified below.These are not in the sequence of severity of threat as no seniority levels in this have been identified by the CSA.The original version of this paper by the Cloud Security Aalliance is at

Threat  1: Shared Technology Issues
Threat  2: Insecure Interfaces and APIs
Threat  3: Unknown Risk Profile
Threat  4: Malicious Insiders
Threat  5: Data Loss or Leakage
Threat  6: Abuse and Nefarious Use of Cloud Computing
Threat  7: Account or Service Hijacking

3.            Each of these security threats, I plan to discuss further in other posts within the week or as I am able to spare time….read some from CSA and put it in the manner I understand that.Thanks


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