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Monday, August 27, 2012

Cloud Threat : Insecure Interfaces and APIs

1.    How does a typical cloud user interacts,manages and configures his cloud ? This interaction is achieved with Cloud Computing providers exposing the user to a set of software interfaces or APIs.Thus the overall demand,settings,managing and all configuration is achieved using this interface and APIs only.Thus comes the aspect of security of handling and designing these interfaces and APIs.The security and availability of ANY cloud service is dependent upon the security of these basic APIs. From authentication and access control to encryption and activity monitoring, these interfaces must be designed to protect against both accidental and malicious attempts to circumvent policy.Not only this,but all the third parties often build upon these interfaces to offer value-added services to their customers. This introduces the complexity of the new layered API.The recommended remediation's vide CSA are mentioned below :

- Analyze the security model of cloud provider interfaces.

- Ensure strong authentication and access controls are implemented in concert with encrypted transmission.

- Understand the dependency chain associated with the API


  1. Great post. My friend was telling me what cloud computing providers actually do and I find it so interesting. I have been doing as much research as I can on the subject. Thanks so much for sharing!