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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Unbelievable world of 3D Printers!!!

1.   I read about 3D Printers few years back and then just forgot to follow the developments...and now when I googled about these printers it was completely a happy shocking event for me.....what I saw was printing actual toys....printing real life machine components...just watch these videos below to see it with your own eyes of what could be in offering in the very near future now on but first see these videos :

(This one is original from BBC)
2.   Might as well have shocked you..but these are just few from the thousands stored on the internet read further....shocking is yet to come....that allows eatable food to be printed

3.   Will not be a big thing if some one tells or u come to know from somewhere that Google  offers free meals to their employees in their onsite whats the big deal about this...a billionaire company can afford that!!!!!now if I tell you that Google’s cafeteria has a 3D printer in the kitchen that prints out pasta.... With customized-everything all the rage, why not pasta? And of all places, of course it would be at Google. Chef Bernard Faucher says that since everyone has their own favorite style of pasta, he can program their 3D printer to create any conceivable, printable shape..........(I read this from

4.   3D printers in food applications have recently been in news,but this is a first of any kind...i know reading till this much would have let you believe all this to be a bogus....but its a fact...and it is just tip of the iceberg of whats in store for future....

5.  For more on 3D Printing...please google and shock your self!!!!!!!!!


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