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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cloud Threat : Unknown risk profile

1.    The best thing all of us like and promote about cloud is that we have very little and reduced investment in software and hardware and also that the cloud user is able to focus on his core business.Like for a bank he should not be worried about what server should he buy or what storage should he provision...the bank should be able to focus on how to improve the banking procedures and profits.So this way the distraction is less for the prime user.But at the same time these benefits must be weighed carefully against the contradictory security concerns which are complicated by the fact that cloud deployments are driven by anticipated benefits, by groups who may lose track of the security requirements and musts.Would ever the Bank,in an case example,bother to know the Versions of software, code updates, security practices, vulnerability profiles, intrusion attempts, and security design ?I am sure no bank would do that once they have outsourced their worries to the Cloud.Details and Information with whom the same infrastructure is being shared becomes critical.One loose hole and u get compromised.Although this is not so easy....but we should know that the cyber criminals and hackers work more then us to keep all of us on toes and if successful then on Knees:-)

2. An old, 2009, real case example exploiting this specific threat is available at

3.  Recommendations by CSA :

-  Disclosure of applicable logs and data.

-  Partial/full disclosure of infrastructure details (e.g., patch levels, firewalls, etc.).

-  Monitoring and alerting on necessary information.


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