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Monday, January 19, 2009


1. Compression of files to me means diminution or simply reduction in size of data in order to save space or transmission time.So till recently I used to use the famous winzip which used to give an average reduction of 30-40% of the original file size.But that stood till recently before I met a file of size 716kb....even less then one MB and when I unzipped it stood out to be a complete 696 MB...amazing..yes a compression beyond belief.

2. For information compression can be as simple as removing all extra space characters, inserting a single repeat character to indicate a string of repeated characters, and substituting smaller bit strings for frequently occurring characters. This kind of compression can reduce a text file to 50% of its original size and this is made possible with the help of various programs that uses various obscured formulas or algorithms.

3. This lead me to hounding for various zipping softwares available in the web world and I found one the KGB site claims (  that it reduces 1 GB into 1 MB......I said in my bhaiya this is impossible till i tried compressing one avi file of 700MB ...........and the reduced size was was it!!!!!!!so I mailed it to my mail box....downloaded it in my office next day.and yes...i downloaded 700kb file and I got extracted with a 700 MB theorem proved LHS =RHS.

4. So where is the discommotion?...good things never come easy........i had to wait for 135 minutes for compression and "Yes" before you try it make sure you have a good processor which can bear the load of work that would be given to the bechara processor combined with gooooooood RAM......the other problem is availability of the software at a price...where did I get it from? do u wish to know? the answer starts from T & ends with Z.........still not understood......better mail me ur email id.......will let u know!!!!!!!!!!


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