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Friday, January 30, 2009

DETRITUS...(I mean dust) vs IT

1. People ask me about why I choose words like “detritus” when I could have chosen a simple word like Dust which is more familiar to the aam Indian janta…well….even I don’t know why I sometimes try to make simple thing complex….so that’s not the subject I am going to discourse here….the subject relates to the kinship, the affinity and the relationship between IT in India and dust.

2. Not so long back I remember in my school computer classes we were made to remove shoes and then countenanced to enter the consecrated Mandir ie the computer lab of the school. Be it the school principle or the vice patron/patron or be it any Hifi panjandrum..(I mean a VIP)..he would only enter the sacred mandir of the school after removing his/her shoes. There on, I was made clear in the mind that dust and IT share a typical gali ka majnu(Dust) and a pulchritudinous or more simply a beautiful girl(IT) relation….where the majnu will be always after the girl and girl would try make a vague attempt to repudiate the undesired advances from the majnu…..and the winner will be majnu.

3. In came so many IT giants in India viz SONY, Samsung, Philips, Moser Bair and the list goes on…they introduced Zero Dust Labs in there respective manufacturing units. I have been fortunate to visit most of these wherein I was made to look like an astronaut covered in beautiful, neat, clean white tailored cloths with boots of snowman before I could enter these labs.It was an exercise beyond doubt for an employee who would go through this drill of changing clothes in the morning as he enters,in the afternoon twice as he breaks of for lunch and then rejoins to again finally breakoff in the evening.All said and done the IT giants made every ounce of effort to make the ZERO DUST LAB a success…but the moment the test tube babies came out of the lab…I mean as the manufactured units in form of CDs,DVDs or harddisks etc..they would again be exposed to DUST and that’s where it would again go out of control…..the dust interacts again……

4. So off late when I read articles like a recent one where SONY has kept Indian demographics and usage environments in mind and has introduced the AD-7220S-ID DVD-RW drive with 'dust proof' technology. This drive offers 22x DVD read/write speed and has six sponges in the inside of the bottom cover and bezel and PWB to make it dust-proof; a 20 percent increase in product life is claimed by Sony due to this. The drive is available in SATA format and supports 48x CD read/write speed and maximum 12x DVD-RAM write speed.

5. The sponges might make a fringy & marginal difference by absorbing dust and keeping the drive clean but the madhur Milan of the majnu would never fail and the dust would always be there at the end to meet the IT.


  1. Inspite of the instructions, u chose to write a blog instead of replying to the email, but i can see your hindi is nevertheless as adavnced as it has been since the days of the school lab...