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Friday, January 02, 2009


1. If the answer to this question is asked from people,I am sure we will get varying answers from getting publicity, to earning money, to be in the IN thing,to become blog grok,to be zaraa hat key from the league,to create a discussion,to become a reference,agar vo kar sakta hai to y not me and the list is endless and will go on.We all have different reasons to blog.The purpose is same ....achieving SATISFACTION in some it money or publicity or sharing or discussing .........

2. We all are working some where in some organisation.We all have different interests,different tastes when it comes to plain choice be it any thing like I may be interested in something to do with IT,you may be interested in something to do with cooking,dance,teaching,commerce, share market,art,painting,music etc and we all do different things in office(which obtrudes and eats into maximum time of our active life) which may not gel with the profession in which we are working.Even if we work in some similar environment we may not get the right set of hoi poll oi(ie people) to discuss or to hear what we have in our minds.So here is the job of the BLOG giving you a MUGWUMP(ie independent) platform to voice YOUR opinion on a bailiwick (ie subject) of your interest.

3. First I didn't knew what to start and where to start from,then after I got some time and was able to dig into the abstruser target of writing few lines every now and then in the blog,I realise it has gradually moulded into a regular habit.

4. Irrespective of the scuttle butts,irrespective of any number of visitants,irrespective of any readers BLOG stands out in the world of web reflecting you and you only.To make it shine you keep improving upon it by continuous feeding of good shareable info.


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