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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Google & Carbon Dioxide : The relationship most of us don't know

1.   Now this again is something new that I came across. I certainly know about a typical data center and its long term cordial relation of janam janam with heat generation. Now what I came across new is something to do with statistical data about equivocalness and measurement of this heat connection with the Google hits.

2.    A recent study survey says that performing two Google searches from a desktop computer generates about 15 gm of Carbon Dioxide which tantamounts to boiling a kettle for a cup of tea. Isn’t it something nonplussing. Now I am sure you would read the sentence again. Meanwhile I will go ahead…… 

3.    So hunting in Google has a definite environmental wallop. So why is everyone after google…..y measure in terms of google hits …y not measure in terms of hits of  Ha...ha ha….ha  …its simple because Google has the largest number of hits about 200 million global hits every day and has only the author who reads……SIMPLE!!!!!!!!!!

 4.  Further in store is says that CO2 emanations caused by individual use of internet generates about 0.02 gm of CO2 per second. This increases by 10 fold to 0.2 gm of CO2 when viewing a website with complex images, animations or videos. 

5.  So what’s the worry folks…is their something to worry…….Yes I unfeignedly believe it’s a critical issue. The internet revolution has just begun in last 8-9 years and has a long way to go and if this is the beginning what’s in store ahead ???What now then?........let the brain techies think over it and we can just appreciate later……..thats what 99% of us belong to and do most of our lives………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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