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Friday, January 09, 2009


1. Days will not be far when we search fuel on google!!!!No time to joke anyway.This comes in context of the PSU and the govt dispute.Now an effect, to the scale of effecting the entire nation, over a regular issue that keeps propping every now and then,can happen in apna own democratic HINDUSTAN only.

2. In this country the meaning of democracy is not understood by many.To many it means anyone can speak anything,anyone can do anything,anyone can sit on a dharna or may be anyone can go on strike.This is what is understood by many.Now since yesterday anyone who has been watching TV would have come across usual common man cry over shortage of petrol...kisi kee maa bemaar hai...kisi ki koi meeting hai...someone is left stranded on a NH1 highway for want of petrol....and the list goes on.No body is effected in the PSUs and nor in the goverment.They both are fighting and the common men is being pisoed.

2. This kind of a strike clearly reflects SELFISHNESS,MEAN-NESS,Miserly attitude of the strikers.Have some responsibility towards the nation.There is no difference I find between a cosseted,spoilt,ballsed up tyke and them.For want of a wage revision they are ready to put at stake the NATION.

3. Any outside country watching this could easily take this opportunity if this doesn't get under control at the earliest.Movement/Motility/Commuting across a country,mind it not a city or a town or a village,in context of an entire nation is held up.Imagine at this time ,being struck by a natural calamity,all relief measures would be held up for want of an issue like wage revision of a PSU.Awful!!!Execrable.

4. Now it would be seen I am sure all the echelons in these PSUs would move scotfree,no action would be taken.....because INDIA has the biggest democracy in the world.What does democracy mean,no body knows!!at least the PSUs don't know.The fact that these Mongrel's have put a country at stake before their own meagre selfish mind is enough to prove them guilty of commiting a undesired umbrage.

5. So recommended action is DECREASE THEIR SALARIES.


  1. Hi Meliorate: The tag line reads '... there is no end to improvement'. Would you mind improving on the partial knowledge reflectd in the above blog by going through this link:


    and possibly also this:


  2. hi anonymous,

    1. i read through your links and would like to tell you that YESS you have been subjected to worst possible treatment by the sarkar,but just being treated like that should not make you do what you have done...STRIKE is not the solution...what would you like to prove by that?

    2. If army also does the same thing...even they r frustrated lot after the sixth pay commission...their structure has been lowered,thier proposals have been thrown...would you agree if ARMY GOES TO STRIKE?I certainly know the answer would be NO...there are some duties and responsibilities that are not just salaried...they carry a bonding and obligation towards nation....and so is move the nation on road,on rail every where across.....