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Sunday, October 31, 2010


1.   Counterfeiting is not new....since we were born we have been seeing dupli's and counterfiets of Reebok,nike,hmv etc...the list is actually endless....this endless list is now augmented with IT cite you an example which has rocked the nations across is about OPERATION CISCO RAIDER.

2.    Relevant original EXTRACT FROM is produced below : 

" Cisco made a decision a decade ago to manufacture product in China as a way of cutting production costs. A great deal of Cisco manufacturing is now done overseas, specifically in China. What has happened is that many of the companies that do the outsourcing for Cisco now run an extra shift and sell the now counterfeit hardware out the back door. After all, they have the manufacturing capability, the expertise and the full blessing of Cisco. The result? More and more counterfeit Cisco hardware is now showing up on American shores. Part of the problem is that China does not have strong intellectual property protection laws. This is a situation that Cisco and many other companies are still struggling to solve and one that does not promise to be resolved soon.

Warning signs of a possible counterfeited item:

If you are getting discounts of 40-55% off the list price for brand new hardware, i.e. sealed boxes, then it is a red flag. The largest of Cisco’s customers – the Bank of Americas, Ford Motor Company, United Airlines, AT&T, etc. get these discounts. You don’t. If it is any consolation, even dealers do not get the top corporate discounts.       

While it is flattering and tempting to receive big discounts for new Cisco hardware, it is also unrealistic and should be treated with the utmost caution. 

Ask what the retail price is and compare it to the price you are being quoted. If you are getting a 15-25% discount from the list price for new/sealed hardware, then you are being quoted a fair and realistic price. Expect a reasonable discount, however; too big a discount often spells trouble.

Another sign to be aware of is the receipt of unsolicited email from unknown dealers offering you Cisco hardware at very good prices. This warning is doubly true if the email or company originates from mainland China.

VIRUS in Boot Sector in Hard Disk fresh from OEM!!!!

Have recently heard of this in reputed makes and model of Top list hard disks OEMs.Would like to know if some has ever encountered this or has any form of info on this?

Image Ballistics : Incredible IT

1. In a typical crime or a murder case anywhere involving a pistol or a firing weapon,the forensic or the investigating personnel's involved can make out the make and model of the firing weapon with the help of the bullet found on site.The field dealing with this is known as ballistics.Now sync this with the field of imagine that u have shot a photograph or are analyzing some pic and you wish to know which camera was used to shoot that pic.......can u find out???????Yes....the answer is yesss!!!the field is known as Image Ballistics.

2. In a recent case,i read about a rave party being organized at outer skirts of a city with about a 200  plus people ,all collegites and similar age group....all of them had a blast and a few with some wrong ideas caught hold of a girl...drugged her and made some obscene mms and clicked some day it was uploaded on the you tube and the social networking how to find the culprit?pretty difficult when about a 200 plus strength of personnel's have to be inquired.....the answer is Image Ballistics....the investigating agency got hold of the pics...came to know which model the pics were clicked from...yes the answer was a famous Nokia Model the owners were now limited to 8 out of the 200 plus strength...there mobiles checked and the simple recovery software's were enough to find out the culprit......imagine....isn't it astonishing.....
 3.   I checked up the state of pics clicked from my camera years back and all answers were correct.....few Nikon,few easy and free tool for such investigation is JPEGSNOOP.Simple to download,very small size and great analysis report.....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Crack 14 Character passwords in Seconds : Objectif Sécurité

1.    There have been articles and forums on the powerful high speed GPU (video card) processors being able to easily provision cracking passwords very apace.A new technology steps here to rule the roast and allow password cracking upto 14 characters in seconds.....this is  called Objectif Sécurité ,by a Swiss security company,which uses rainbow tables on SSD drives.Seemingly it is the hard drive access time and not the processor speed that slows down cracking speed. So using SSD drives can make cracking faster, but just how fast? This technique has a phenominal capacity that could crack passwords at a rate of 300 billion passwords a second, and could decode complex password in under 5.3 seconds.

2.    A real time demo of cracking is available on line at Objectif’s free online XP hash cracker.Just visit the link and see urself by mentioning the hash in the text box.....astoundingly simple....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Service Packs & Infection Rates

1.  First it was windows XP..then it was SP1(Service Pack 1)...followed by SP2,SP3 ...further by Vista SP1,SP2 and now Windows the upgrades in these packs have been reducing the infection rates is briefly reflected as per stats from Microsoft Security Intelligence Report.

- Infection rate for windows XP with SP3 is less then half of that for SP2 and less then a third of SP1.

- Windows Vista SP2 has a lower inefction rate then SP1 which is about 50% lower then Windows Vista Basic.

- In case of Server Operating SystemS,the infection rate for windows server 2008 with SP2 is about 20% less then the predecessor ie Windows Server 2008 RTM.

Monday, October 18, 2010

CaaS : CRIME WARE AS A SERVICE at offer now

1. Bhaigiri...Supari..khokha...and similar terms have been till date used in reference with the crime come to terms like Software as a Service(SaaS), Hardware as a service(HaaS) ,Platform as a service(PaaS) etc and the list is all set to become endless with cloud computing...whats the relation here????? goes 2 merge these two separate worldsie CRIME & IT....the earlier terms mentioned pertain to the world of crime and the later once refer to the vast possibilities and power knocking the users....thus refers to Crimeware as a Service(CaaS)

2. The controverting side is the world of hackers & cyber criminals who seem to exploit their technical tools to great effect. However, even for newbie hackers eager to join this world don’t need to possess the required levels of technological expertise. CaaS (Crimeware-as-a-Service) pulled out of some distant Cloud can provision the necessary tools, be they Virus/Worm Creation Kits, Denial of Service (DoS) applications or more simply estabilishing a botnet.A recent research proved they can be just a mouse click away! Kits were easily located to build a variant of ‘Indra’ Malware, as well as a manifestation of Badboy , providing the user with the power to create their own version to send on to their targets.

3. Granted these are not examples of cutting-edge malware, but they do however still pose a threat to the unprepared and unsuspecting organisation. As amazing as it may seem, even today there are large organisations who permit access to sites, and allow the download of Malware Construction Kits – and even more worrying, there are still pockets of companies who do not maintain their anti-virus or patches in an up-to-dtate condition.

4. Crime is going to be a inherent part in the cyber world and the cause of worry is that unlike army and mil est in the real concrete effort and source is there to resist these evil forces.We are still acting to a situtaion when need of the hour is to be more then PROACTIVE.....

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Stuxnet : Some more good info

1.     Recently,after i mentioned Stuxnet on Meliorate...I found some more good info and FAQs at read....

Is ur Account Hacked ?- Common ways u get compromised.

1.    There is no doubt on the fact that Google users are growing phenomenally.....and with this growing rise also comes the phenomenal rise and ways to get compromised or become a botnet.Thus a Google Account is also valuable for spammers and other unknown citizenry looking to impair you with ur personal info and data on ur pc and account inbox. It’s not so much about your account, but rather the fact that your circle of relatives and friends see your Google Account and mails from it as reliable.

2.   Nothing new about this but the most common ways hackers can login to your Google password are:
  • Password re-use: You sign up for an account on a third-party site with your Google username and password. If that site is hacked and your sign-in information is discovered, the hijacker has easy access to your Google Account.
  • Malware: You use a computer with infected software that is designed to steal your passwords as you type (“keylogging”) or grab them from your browser’s cache data.
  • Phishing: You respond to a website, email, or phone call that claims to come from a legitimate organization and asks for your username and password.
  • Brute force: You use a password that’s easy to guess, like your first or last name plus your birth date (“ujjwal3008”), or you provide an answer to a secret question that’s common and therefore easy to guess, like “dosa” for “What is your favorite food?”
3.   Another common error that we all unknowingly is that we keep the password same for multiple accounts on yahoo,gmail,blumail and so on.......put on ur thinking caps......if one account linked to other user name is compromised ....then in a way all are....

Friday, October 15, 2010

CANURE : 100 on ACID3 Test

1.    Last year in March 09,I wrote on my acquaintance with ACID3 and then CHROME scored the highest among the then present here comes a little known CANURE and u believe it or not...whats the score?...100 on 100......perfect 100....m sure worth a try...when chrome is scoring about 80 in 100 ,this claims getting 100/100 in Acid 3 Web Tests and 145/160 in HTML 5 Test.

Another Wowwwwww!!!!-CYBERTECTURE

1.   First watch this video and then read few lines on what CYBERTECTURE is?

2.  A state of art technological concept that appropriates a emblematic relationship between the urban fabric and technology. It excogitates both hardware of built environment and software system and technologies from micro to macro scales of development.I am sure the video would have opened thinking horizons to what mroe can be done with this.....wish to read here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Biggest release of Patch update by MICROSOFT

1.    Patches by MS to be released today are said to be the biggest and largest batch of updates by Microsoft since Oct 2003.According to Microsoft, this batch will be the LARGEST in its history with no less than 16 security updates designed to address a total of 49 vulnerabilities in Windows, Internet Explorer, MS-Office and the software giant's .NET Framework.

2.    All this effort and size of the patches by MS reflects how vulnerable each one of us remains to the hacking and leak of personal info in wrong hands....the batch of updates will include Windows 7 critical updates,updates for Internet Explorer, MS -Office 2010.And all those happy using the pirated copies of OS across remain as vulnerable as they are already....

Monday, October 11, 2010

Stuxnet : A Milestone in Malicious Code History

1. Stuxnet,the internet worm,intent of which was thought to effect Iran's nuclear programme has now taken a U Turn towards HINDUSTAN....

2. American cyber warfare expert Jeffrey Carr has assured the GoI,that China the originator of this worm which has terrorised the world since Mid 2010. Ascribing the break down of ISRO's INSAT 4B satellite a few months ago ,Carr said it is China which gained from the satellite failure. Although he re affirms that the conclusions are not definite.Invariably the effected systems are loaded with a Siemens software which have been specifically targetted to which Siemens has released a detection and removal tool.Siemens recommends installing the Microsoft patch for vulnerabilities and disallowing the use of third-party USB sticks.It is further contemplated that incorrect remotion of the worm could cause irrepairable damage.

3. Jeffrey Carr says "The satellite in question (INSAT 4B) suffered the power `glitch' in an unexplained fashion and it's failure served another state's advantage -- in this case China," he said.The connecting link between INSAT 4B and Stuxnet is that the Siemens software is used in ISRO's Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre ie S7-400 PLC and SIMATIC WinCC.Something about Stuxnet...these attack Windows systems using four zero-day attacks and targets systems using Siemens' WinCC/PCS 7 SCADA software. It is initially spread using infected USB flash drives. Once inside the system it uses the default passwords to command the software.Few intretsing things about this :

- Half a megabyte in size 
- Written in different programming languages (including C and C++) 
- Digitally signed with two authentic certificates which were stolen from two certification authorities (JMicron and Realtek) which helped it remain undetected for a relatively long period of time. - Capabable to upgrade via peer to peer.
- Eric Byres, an expert in maintaining & troubleshooting Siemens systems, expects that writing the code would have taken many man-months.

4. Stuxnet is a threat aiming a specific industrial control system such as a gas pipeline,satellite systems & power plants. The ultimate goal of Stuxnet is to sabotage the facility by reprogramming programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to operate as the attackers intend them to, most likely out of their working and identified boundaries.This worm represents the first of many milestones in malicious code history ,it is the first to exploit four 0-day vulnerabilities, compromise two digital certificates, and inject code into industrial control systems and hide the code from the operator. Whether Stuxnet will usher in a new generation of malicious code attacks towards real-world infrastructure,overshadowing the vast majority of current attacks affecting more virtual or individual assets—or if it is a once- in-a-decade occurrence remains to be seen.Stuxnet is of such great complexity requiring significant resources to develop—that few attackers will be capable of producing a similar threat, to such an extent that we would not expect masses of threats of similar in sophistication to suddenly appear. However, Stuxnet has highlighted direct-attack attempts on critical infrastructure are possible and not just theory or movie plotlines.The real-world implications of Stuxnet are beyond any threat we have seen in the past. 

5. When is India actually going to work for itself rather then performing across the globe...y is the world telling us that we are effected here...even in the case of SHADOWS IN THE CLOUD...we were told by the Shadow server foundation that our institutes have been compromised inspite of the fact that we have all it takes to take the IT world by storm...but we are all working for ourselves...and not for own country...cream is flowing out and getting outsorced..IT IS ACTUALLY SAD THAT THE WORLD KNOWS INDIA'S POTENTIAL BUT THE INDIANS DONT KNOW THIER OWN.....

Friday, October 08, 2010

Here comes Trojan-PWS-Nslogm to steal Passwords and credentials from Mozilla

1. I am sure we all endeavor to keep the antivirus updated,keep the OS patch updated,keep cleaning registries,keep cleaning browser history at regular intervals,keep ensuring regular complete scan of the precious PC Machine that we own....we all do this to ensure that we r safe while we read further to find out how it all goes in vain even with the best and leading browser company......

2. Antivirus company Webroot have identified an information extracting trojan, which alters a Firefox file, so that the browser stores passwords automatically.The trojan is named as Trojan-PWS-Nslogm and is capable of stealing usernames and passwords stored by both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers.By default, whenever Firefox detects that login credentials are submitted through a Web form, it offers to remember them for future use.When this happens, the user is presented with several options which include "Remember", "Never for This Site" or "Not Now". If they choose remember, the browser stores the username and password in a local database.Since it's easier to steal credentials from this database instead of injecting the browser process and grabbing them as they are submitted, the author of this trojan thought it would make more sense to have Firefox remember all passwords without asking users for confirmation.To achieve this, he created a routine to patch the nsLoginManagerPrompter.js file in the Firefox installation by adding new code and commenting out some already existent lines."The Trojan then scrapes information from the registry, from the so-called Protected Storage area used by IE to store passwords, and from Firefox’s own password storage, and tries to pass the stolen information onward, once per minute," Andrew Brandt, a malware researcher at Webroot, explains.

3. The password stealer installs itself in the c:\windows\system32 folder as a file called Kernel.exe. The captured data is send to a command and control server via a deprecated ActiveX control called msinet.ocx.

4. So kya solution hai?...whats the solution to this?...simply stop using internet....just joking...solution being worked out still at FIREFOX labs.Thanks

RISK MANAGEMENT : Beware while u update with Patches

1. A zero-day exploit as discussed at an earlier post in this blog .....Some thing more to it...

2. A good extract straight lift from

"For a vendor, developing the update is not the part that takes time – testing is. We have more than 600 million downloads when we publish an update. If we “just” break 10% of the systems the update is installed, it would be a huge denial of service. So testing is the name of the game. How well is an unofficial patch tested?Often the vendor publishes workarounds (at least we do). This should be part of your risk mitigation strategy. Would the workaround be acceptable to buy you time?

How far do you trust the author of the unofficial update? How big is the risk that the update comes with pre-installed malware? The question immediately comes up: Why should we trust a vendor? Well, you bought or downloaded the software at the first hand – so, you decided to trust the vendor at the beginning.

What do you do once the vendor releases an update? Can you de-install the unofficial update?

Basically, it is a risk management decision, which should include at least the questions I raised above. Do not just run for the unofficial update – to me it should be really the last resort, if even!"

3. A good site to follow : Check out

ALL izz WELL!!!!!inside this- Check out FREE STUDIO

My routine surfing on net invariably includes few video downloads,uploading videos to you tube and other sites sometimes,convert various available audi video formats to compatible formats with the help of so many convertors available accross,fiddling with audio formats,burning CDs & DVDs with videos and data a typical scenario all this would be done on arange of softwares of different companies.....came across this absoutely free software ie FREE single window solution to evri task as mentioned above and much more....and yes it is absolutely free...try it must...

Security Enabled Hardware :INTEL - McAfee Merger

1.      “Security is more effective when enabled in hardware” provisions for something in the pipe known as Security Enabled Hardware.Howzzz that???? There has been a lot of speculation about the rationale behind Intel's recent acquisition of McAfee....well if u r not aware of this Intel’s proposed $7.7billion purchase of McAfee that comes as the most magnanimous takeover deal in the chip giant’s 40-odd-year history....u better be now....although there is no product roadmap to speak of yet.

2.       McAfee technology deeply desegregated into Intel products would mean adding security functionality into Intel’s chip. But would this pushing security into silicon be able to negate the increasingly sophisticated and dynamic threats from cyber crime? Though components of security could be significantly enhanced if chips were designed integrating this way. What about updates,patches etc

3.       Security in the 21st century is about being dynamic, responding to the ever-changing threat landscape in real-time, which you can do with a cloud-based system powered by a network of threat intelligence sensors and reputation-based technologies that stop threats before they even hit the device. Pushing security down to the hardware level makes it very difficult to be reactive, agile or fundamentally secure.

Thursday, October 07, 2010


1. Off late I have been experimenting with few software's which claim to do a 100% cleansing action of removing every browsing marks and history of any kind on your computer that u use for work and surfing.These incl the following :

2. Among these I have no doubts of who is leading?....CyberScrub Privacy Suite v 5.1 & PC Tools Privacy Guardian v4.5.Though CyberScrub Privacy Suite v 5.1 does leave Chrome traces and does't have Chrome included in its list of browsers......It does a pretty neat job by giving options of wiping that include Navy Staff Office Publication (NAVSO PUB) 5239,Russian Gost,Brouce Schneier algorith and many others with options of selecting passes......on the other side ie PC Tools Privacy Guardian v4.5...includes chrome as a option to be selected with similar wiping algorith options.....

3. Try you must.......all of them to know the real difference or simply follow the recommendations......